Wednesday, April 4, 2012

 Go Ask Alice didn't have shortcomings to me. Mainly because this book was so interesting to me, it wasn't like any book i have read. There was not any things i would have changed or that i didn't like about this book.
 This book was praiseworthy. Seemed to had been a hit once all my peers had heard about it. Not even reading it yet, many students had went out and got the book and it was talked about for almost a week. You would hear about guys reading this book and being interested in it. What made me really like this  book was how it was set up, how it was in a diary format. I liked how it was a easy to follow book and just made you want to read more and more. It kept you wondering what would happen next and what other trouble she alice would get in. This type of book was a kinda book you didn't want to put down and could finish in two days.

Kinda Person?

  Alice was the kinda person who just wanted to get away from all she was going through and just wanted to forget it all, any person would want to just not deal with nothing. Not every teen would use drugs to get away from their problems, it was just the way alice did. Drugs had helped her, they were her get away pills. Alice seemed to be a dare devil and someone who just took risk and lived life day by day.Alice seems to be a typical teen, someone who has so many problems and just wants out. Any teenage deal with similar problems that Alice deals with. Rejection from someone she likes, moving, and being the new girl. Her diary talks how she was getting help, yet she still had took drugs without her family knowing. She would travel to different places and track all her experiences not just in her diary but on anything she could write on. She starts to really hit bottom once she wishes that she was one of the boys who had overdosed and died. She had let the drugs take over and wasn't alice anymore.

Go Ask Alice had a very sad and serious mood.The book is all about this girl who uses drugs as a problem solver. In the end it takes her life and at a young age. A part of the book and really made me feel sad is when alice says she wishes she was one of the boys who had overdosed and died. That was sad to read ,reading how she wish she wasn't alive. Another moment that had set that sad and serious mood was when alice starts to sell these drugs to kids younger then her. Kids that shouldn't know anything about drugs and let alone use them. Lastly the point where alice overdoses is what had really brought you down. Yeah this girl made her choices and saw it coming , yet it shouldn't have had happened. Being so young and not living a full life is sad for anyone and will make anyone's mood change.
Most Important 
Most important element would be the character. She is the one you read about the whole time. The one who you are always wondering what would be her next move. Alice would be the most important element because anyone can talk about drug usage and the effects, but this book talks about everything this one girl went through. Everything she felt and it was a real story that someone lived. Seeing or reading something that someone deal with is more real then anything. Your curious to see why and how and the end results with did they come over it or are they still dealing. Events do come close to being the most important but with this book and to me Alice is more important. Its her story and she is the one who is living the events.
The book contains a lot of interesting events but three that had been major, were alice first staring to use drugs, when she calls her family wanting to come home and tries to stop using drugs and lastly once alice overdoses and dies. Alice at first never wanted to use drugs , she never had taken them till at a party she had been playing a game were drugs had been dropped into a couple pop bottle and her just so happen to have some LSD in it. Once that experience she never want to try them again till she started thinking about marijuana. She was curious about it and wanted to try it. The next major event is when alice wants to go back home and be with her family. She ends up calling her family and wanting to come back home and go back to school. Once back home couple peers seem to go to her to get drugs, she tries to convince them she doesn't do any of that anymore. Once their is a party alice decides she rather spend time with her family and ask to do something with them. To me that was major because was a point were alice does the right thing. Lastly alice losing her life would be a major event due to the main character dieing and seeing her story come to a end.
Go Ask Alice compared to the last book i had picked to read to class there was not a big difference. The last book was Big Ben and Me. Big Ben and Me had talked about how this son had looked up to his father and events that occurred to his father and events that his father had been through. Both books seemed to have to been written from the main characters view. Both had showed events that had been taken place and hard times that had been not easy to over come. Both books with differ based on one is a young teen and the other is a older adult. Another difference would be how Go Ask Alice was about this girl who had been addicted to drugs and soon died from it, while Big Ben and Me was about someone looking up to his farther and wanting to be the man he was.
The main idea I believe that the parents had published this book was to show Alice's story. To make people aware and for parents to really do anything to help or stop their kids from going through what their family had been through. This book had showed problems any teen deal with , it just showed one way that one person had went about with her problems only to lose her life and deal with more then she had to. It wasn't publish to gain money or to see how good it would sell to was to inform and make people realize we really need to make better choices and that drugs aren't a way out of problems and how they cant fix them.

Was it to:

The book "Go Ask Alice" was not meant to be a book at first. The diary of a young teenage girl was published by her parents, once the young girl had passed away from a drug overdoes. To me this book was published by the girls parents to inform other teenagers about choices they might come to make and how some choices like their daughters, can take your life. Two examples that support why I believe the book was to inform are that one talks how she felt after she took these drugs and how she wouldn't know what she was doing. Another reason is how once you start reading this book you first start to read all of alices problems, how she was rejected about a guy she liked and how she was going through changes and wasn't all that happy. These problems are problems that every teen might deal with, the feeling of rejection, how this one girl dealed with these problems with drugs and how it wasn't the best choice and only way to deal with her problems.