Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Was it to:

The book "Go Ask Alice" was not meant to be a book at first. The diary of a young teenage girl was published by her parents, once the young girl had passed away from a drug overdoes. To me this book was published by the girls parents to inform other teenagers about choices they might come to make and how some choices like their daughters, can take your life. Two examples that support why I believe the book was to inform are that one talks how she felt after she took these drugs and how she wouldn't know what she was doing. Another reason is how once you start reading this book you first start to read all of alices problems, how she was rejected about a guy she liked and how she was going through changes and wasn't all that happy. These problems are problems that every teen might deal with, the feeling of rejection, how this one girl dealed with these problems with drugs and how it wasn't the best choice and only way to deal with her problems.

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