Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kinda Person?

  Alice was the kinda person who just wanted to get away from all she was going through and just wanted to forget it all, any person would want to just not deal with nothing. Not every teen would use drugs to get away from their problems, it was just the way alice did. Drugs had helped her, they were her get away pills. Alice seemed to be a dare devil and someone who just took risk and lived life day by day.Alice seems to be a typical teen, someone who has so many problems and just wants out. Any teenage deal with similar problems that Alice deals with. Rejection from someone she likes, moving, and being the new girl. Her diary talks how she was getting help, yet she still had took drugs without her family knowing. She would travel to different places and track all her experiences not just in her diary but on anything she could write on. She starts to really hit bottom once she wishes that she was one of the boys who had overdosed and died. She had let the drugs take over and wasn't alice anymore.

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