Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The book contains a lot of interesting events but three that had been major, were alice first staring to use drugs, when she calls her family wanting to come home and tries to stop using drugs and lastly once alice overdoses and dies. Alice at first never wanted to use drugs , she never had taken them till at a party she had been playing a game were drugs had been dropped into a couple pop bottle and her just so happen to have some LSD in it. Once that experience she never want to try them again till she started thinking about marijuana. She was curious about it and wanted to try it. The next major event is when alice wants to go back home and be with her family. She ends up calling her family and wanting to come back home and go back to school. Once back home couple peers seem to go to her to get drugs, she tries to convince them she doesn't do any of that anymore. Once their is a party alice decides she rather spend time with her family and ask to do something with them. To me that was major because was a point were alice does the right thing. Lastly alice losing her life would be a major event due to the main character dieing and seeing her story come to a end.

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